Special Gestures that Will Please Your Woman

One of the many mistakes men commit is taking their women for granted. Just because they’ve been together for years already doesn’t mean men already have to stop pleasing their women. On the contrary, men must still exert extra efforts in pleasing their women regardless of how long they’ve been together.

There are many ways you can please your woman. You can shower her with expensive gifts like jewelry and perfume or you can take her out to a fancy restaurant for a romantic dinner for two. The fact is, not all women can be pleased with these very common gestures. You can please your woman with simple yet special gestures that will warm her heart.

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One of the things you can do is by saying how you feel in unique ways. For instance, you can hide a note in her bag or drawer that says “I love you” or “You’re special”. This note may remain hidden in her belongings until she accidentally finds it.

Have you ever considered singing for your woman? Well you can surprise her with this special gesture. You can sing for her at home or take her to a bar where you can dedicate and sing a song for her in front of other people.

Sometimes, there are women who are very easy to please. If you’re woman is one of them, then consider yourself lucky. A simple kiss, a hug, and a gently squeeze in the hand every now and then can already make her feel very special and loved.